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Welcome to Bozinga.com. We are the new wholesale marketplace for all the Americas. At Bozinga.com we simplify the way you do business. Through our platform, you can buy and sell wholesale directly from the manufacturer and distributors, as well as contract different services that your company needs. It is an easy, efficient, and safe way to expand your business and conquer new local and international markets.

Bozinga.com offers a unique digital platform and a B2B search engine. We are a comprehensive sales, billing, marketing, and distribution solution designed so that manufacturers, distributors and service providers have at their disposal the tools and technology necessary to accelerate the growth of their company. Through Bozinga.com, you can directly and securely do online marketing, inventory control and personalized quotes to your customers, thus promoting timely payment for your sales. With Bozinga.com you can display an infinity of products and services. Additionally, you could have access to an extensive database of potential buyers. We work with a team of professionals in each region, who understand your needs and are ready to help you.

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